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First Year of Life

Parents as Guides

The Parents as Guides programme has been especially created for parents of babies and young infants.

How you are and what you do with your child during these first years can lay the ground for a harmonious relationship with them that will last a lifetime.

In this parent and baby group, we come together and grow together, as we explore the little things we can do with our children from birth that grow into lifelong attitudes of mutual respect and joyful collaboration.

The Programme

The programme has two parts to it:

  • Friday morning sessions with parents and little ones in a developmentally appropriate environment
  • Periodic discussion sessions in the evenings, on child development

The weekly sessions offer the opportunity to observe your child

  • being in a space that meets their developmental abilities & interests, and
  • negotiating those early relationships with other children.

In our discussion sessions we have conversations around

  • developmental milestones your child is or will be passing through and
  • loving ways to meet your child’s changing needs as they grow.

The Environment

When you attend a session, you will enter a peaceful uncluttered environment, carefully designed to meet the deepest needs of your growing child. On low shelves around the room, inviting activities are neatly arranged on little trays, ready to be grasped by small hands.

You may see a 2-month old baby on their back gazing intently at a black-and-white mobile drifting gently through the air, or a 7 month old sitting up and exploring a simple geometric puzzle. One parent may be quietly watching their child’s interaction with another child, another sharing observations about their child’s development with the Montessori Guide.

First steps

The Parents as Guides programme continues until your child starts to walk. Please do contact us if you are interested in finding out more.


At the moment the only parent education programme we offer for children from 15 months upwards, is for parents of children attending the school. Participation in Parents as Guides, for parents of pre-walking infants, does not require (or guarantee) enrolment at the school.