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Age Six to Twelve

The Montessori Place Elementary is a place of superlatives. In their own words, it is a place where children seek to become the kindest, smartest and most skilful people they can. It is a place […]

There is something wonderfully straightforward about children in the years from 6 to 12 years.  They have a simple desire to understand everything.  In the first six years of life the child creates a person […]

The first plane child explored the world sensorially with her absorbent mind.  The second plane child’s exploration is different; it is powered by the imagination and the intellect.   Now there are no limits of either […]

The structure of the Montessori Elementary has as its central and continuing feature ‘research projects’ conducted by individuals and mixed-age groups.

It is easy to see the physical changes that mark the transition from early childhood (0-6 years) to childhood (6-12 years).  Her milk teeth fall out, limbs lengthen, the soft hair coarsens and her immune […]

What does it mean to be free? Is it to do as one pleases, or is it to have the will to act with love and kindness in any set of circumstances?  Does personal freedom […]