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Someone wise once said that education isn’t about filling an empty vessel, its about keeping a flame burning. Here is a video of Grace who is 4 years old, doing a Science experiment – “Candle […]

This video is a beautiful example of how maths can be discovered by the child rather than taught by the adult. Emmeline asked Karen “What is 2 and 1?”  If she had paused to think, […]

Christmas Carol

Morningtown Christmas

Elementary: The Journey Children’s House: The Night Before Christmas

This is a wonderful video of Oliver (just started in the Elementary) going through his portfolio of work from his time in the Children’s House.

The first video is the Children’s House Nativity Play – “The Grumpy Innkeeper”, and the second is the Elementary Play (written by the Elementary children) called “Bubbles the overgrown penguin”. Children’s House Play Elementary Play […]

  Camillo had just discovered his hands, which is what happens with most babies around this time. The process of myelination is now reaching his fingers. Myelin is a fatty […]