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Our first harvest of honey

We have had our first proper harvest of honey from the six hives in the woods. Here are some photographs we have taken along the way.


Our worker bees flying in and out of the hive gathering nectar and pollen.


We harvested 15 kilograms of honey from 2 of our 6 hives last week. Each hive has at least 20 frames and some as many as 33. We collected 9 frames from each. You can see some of the frames here.


We cut the honeycomb out of the frame. Some of the honeycomb was kept intact to be sold, the rest was put through a sieve.


We extract honey from the honeycomb using a sieve.


We put some of the frames into a honey-extractor, which spins the frame and makes the honey flow out, leaving the empty frame, which we then put back into the hive.


This is us designing the labels for the jars.

ALI_0645 (1)

Our final products!