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Community living

The young people learn how to participate in a community, and how to work with others towards shared goals. It is an intensely social age, and through discussion and conversation they discover their own views, hear other perspectives, and learn through daily experience how to work with others to solve the problems of daily living within a community.

At their weekly meetings the young people discuss the events taking place in their own and the wider community, bring both opportunities and difficulties before the group, celebrate each other’s achievements and hold each other accountable. They learn through experience the benefits and limitations of the democratic process.

The kinds of things the young people are responsible for includes:

  • Looking after the woodland, and the animals on it (both wild and domesticated)
  • Maintaining the buildings (from cleaning toilets to repairing windows etc.)
  • Coming up with business ideas, making money and managing budgets
  • Resolving issues to do with community life

Naturally all of this is under the guidance of adults, but the key message is that the Young People’s Community is THEIRS. Visitors often remark how much of a sense of ownership the young people show – that they genuinely see this as being their community, and understand that it is they who are responsible for its success, and their happiness.

It is our intention to have 5-day boarding available from September 2017.