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Policies, June 2016


The following documentation applies across both our sites in Hove (BN3 3ER) and Eason’s Green (TN22 5RE). Except where mentioned, the policies were last reviewed in June 2016.



Systems, Policies and Procedures Overview


A. School development

A-1. Equality of Opportunity

A-2. Disabled Access Improvement Plan

A-3. School Development Plan // updated as of September 2015

A-4. School Evaluation and Information Form // updated as of September 2015


B. Safeguarding

B-1. Safeguarding policy

B-1b. E-Safety Policy

B-2. Safer recruitment policy

B-3. Behaviour Policy

B-4. Anti-Bullying Policy

B-5. Lost Child on outing

B-6. Lost Child on premises

B-7. Arrival and Departures policy – Hove

B-8. Arrival and Departures policy – Eason’s Green

B-9. Non-Collection of Children from School

B-10. Use of Cameras and Mobile Phones Policy

B-11. Intimate Care Policy

B-12. Confidentiality Policy

B-13. Social Networking Policy

B-14. Offsite Activities Policy

>>>>a) TMP Chaperone form

>>>>b) TMP Note for Chaperones

>>>>c) V1 – Offsite Visit approval form // template for 2015/16

B-15. Whistle Blowing Policy


C. Health and Safety

C-1. Health & Safety Policy

C-1a Risk Assessment Policy

C-2. Animal Policy

C-3. Food and Drink Policy

C-4a. Guidelines for the Garden- Hove

C-4b. Guidelines for the Garden – Eason’s Green

C-4c.  Guidelines for the Woodlands – Eason’s Green

C-5. Sun Protection and Hot Weather

C-6. Catering Safety Policy

C-7. Asbestos Policy

C-8. Employee Safe Pregnancy Policy

C-9. First Aid Policy

>>>>a) First aid box contents

C-10. Contractor Policy


D. Fire Safety

D-1. Fire Safety Policy

D-2. Personal Electronic Equipment

D-3. Basic Fire Safety for Staff

>>>>a) Fire Risk Assessment Guidance for Stage 2

>>>>b) 2013 Review of Stage 1 Fire Risk Assessment // Following a renovation to Hove building

>>>>c) F1 Termly Fire Risk Assessment (Stage 2)

>>>>d) Fire Safety Log // template


E. Pedagogy

E-1. Curriculum Policy (age 1-12)

E-1a.Curriculum Overview (age 1-6)

E-1b. Curriculum Overview (age 6-12)

E-1c. Schemes of Work (age 6-12)

E-2. Land School Curriculum (age 12-16)

E-3. Schemes of Work Overview (age 12-16)

>>>>a) English Scheme of Work (age 12-16)

>>>>b) Maths Scheme of Work (age 12-16)

>>>>c) Science Scheme of Work (age 12-16)

>>>>d) Humanities Scheme of Work (age 12-16)

E-4. SMSC Policy

E-5. PSHE & Citizenship Policy

E-6. SEND Policy

E-7. Key Person Policy

E-8. Assessment and Planning Policy

E-9. Careers Education Policy

E-10. Relationship and Sex Education Policy


F. Staff

F-1. Dismissal and Discipline Policy

F-2. Staff Grievance Procedure

F-3. Harassment and Bullying Policy

F-4. Antibribery Policy


G. Parents

G-1. Application Procedure

G-2. Terms and Conditions

G-3. Complaints Policy