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Our most recent Full School inspection

“Children are confident, independent, articulate and happy and their behaviour is outstanding.”

” Children make outstanding progress and their standards in the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics are in many cases above those usually seen for their age.”

“Their skills, abilities and levels of independence are far higher than usually seen.”

” The curriculum is outstanding… exceedingly well tailored to meet every child’s needs.”

” The key strength of the curriculum is how it is used to develop exceptionally high levels of independence for each child”.

” Teaching and assessment are outstanding. From the very youngest children to the oldest, the attention to detail in providing resources and activities is exemplary”.

“As one parent said, ‘The teachers are well trained and genuinely love what they do. The children love them. They know the children well and do everything possible to bring joy to learning.’ This is true”.

“The older children are able to develop their investigative skills in depth, demonstrating high levels of concentration in their work and are totally absorbed in the detail of their learning.”

“Adults very accurate, detailed and and effective observations, assessments and planning provide children with a wide range of individual learning experiences. As a result activities match all children’s needs extremely well, promoting curiosity and interest”.

“In the short time the school has been in existence, it has developed a warm, welcoming and friendly family atmosphere. A real strength of the school is how quickly the partnerships with parents and caregivers has been established”.

Read the full report here.

Our most recent Early Years inspection

“This provision is outstanding.

  • Children have exemplary opportunities to be independent, make decisions and take responsibility for what they do.
  • Staff have exceptional skills in assessing children’s engagement in activities and their achievements, and planning for their future learning. Children make rapid progress as a result.
  • Leaders and managers have an inspirational approach to their work, using Montessori educational methods to bring about excellent outcomes for children.
  • Children show exceptionally good behaviour. They are polite, thoughtful and considerate as a result of the strong focus on ‘grace and courtesy’.
  • Staff have highly effective methods for judging when children are ready to move on to the next stage of their learning, which means that any transition within the setting appears seamless.”

Click here to download our latest Ofsted report – focused on children aged 1-5.

Note: The report mistakenly identifies our previous inspection as having been in December 2011 with an outcome of “Good”. In actual fact the previous inspection was a whole school inspection in February 2012 and the outcome was “Outstanding in all areas“.

Ofsted attributes the error to a technical problem in their system, and say that it cannot be helped because school inspections and early years inspections take place under separate inspectorates.